About Us

BalanceFX which launched its services to some European countries in 2011, entered financial markets in 2018. Founded in London with the collaboration of the industry's leading investors, the company provides services in the fields of Forex, Commodities, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies with its expert team and experience.

We, as BalanceFX, offers the opportunity to meet the demands of investors in a complete and timely manner with all the trading platforms developed with the latest technology by considering all the needs investors.

By using STP (Straight Through Processing technology), we increase our investments d so that you can make transactions on 100s of products in whole market conditions. You are also starting to trade with BalanceFX which is one of the most secure brokerages and can take your place among the winners.

Why BalanceFX?

BalanceFX has been continuing our work with complete diligence based on investor demands and needs since we started to serve. Over the years, we continue to grow with our valuable investors, our technology investments and expert human resources. As part of our study we conducted in order to provide fair and honest service quality, we became one of the most preferred brokerages in the UK. We offer to our investors who join us in their transactions; we demonstrate our competitive construction with loss prevention, withdrawable bonuses, fixed and dynamic spread options, gift raffle opportunities and many more campaigns. We serve our investors with our expert staff in the field for 5 days and 24 hours, and we are proud to serve with full force to meet their demands consummately.