The stock can be defined as one of the equivalent parts of a company's market value. By purchasing a company's stock, you are essentially a co-partner of that company. When investing in a stock you also invest the company's current assets, liabilities, equity of the company, and if there are immovable assets, the licenses are the subject of the valuation of the company. If it is considered that the correct values and then the market value of the related company will increase, an investment can be made in that stock.

BalansFX'in size sağladığı Metatrader 5 platformunda sunduğumuz borsa endeksleri ve yurt dışı borsalarda işlem gören hisse senetleri dünyanın en büyük borsalarına ve şirketlerine yatırım yapmayı daha kolay bir hale getirdi.

The stock indices we offer on the Metatrader 5 platform provided by BalanceFX and stocks traded on foreign exchanges made it easier to invest in the world's largest exchanges and companies.

The stocks that are presented to you by BalanceFX, in CFD (Contracts for difference), Difference Contracts format, follow the relevant stock price, are affected by dividend distributions.

It is possible to gain profit from the course of the global economy and the political and economic developments of many countries by reaching the stock market traded companies and world stock indexes. For example; after the crisis in the USA, the stock value of many companies saw bottom levels, but then the company values rose again with the support of the Central Bank of America.

With the difference of BalanceFX, it is possible to reach international stock markets easily and make investments and share transactions. In BalanceFX, where you can invest one-on-one in the stock market, you can diversify your portfolio with stocks such as Apple, McDonald's, Google, and BMW and maximize your profits.